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I'm a dramaturg. That means I'm a resident nerd. I want to know everything about the play- what it has been, what it is, what it could be- so that I can help you make sure it becomes the next thing it's meant to be. A dear friend said they think of me more like a theatrical midwife, helping my collaborators "arrive at the destination in a natural, organic, and fulfilling way." That feels right.

To convince you that we should hang out and talk about art, here are some nice things that some really delightful and talented people have said about our time together:


"Harley is one of those very rare people who can make the process of talking about a new play feel like a natural, and often joyful, thing. When she asks questions about my work, the questions demonstrate such a clear connection to, understanding of, and care for the piece that I never feel that defensiveness that can creep up when sharing something new. "

--Maddie Dennis-Yates (INKubator Playwrights Cohort 2020-21)


"Harley was able to pose questions towards my understanding of my own work, and suggest real, do-able paths for me to follow to actualize my play. Harley's openness to the possibilities within my play allowed me greater curiosity to dig deeper. She helped me discover a sound, honest confidence in what I had been working on, and the responsibilities of the work to come."

--Matt Lopez (Tennessee Williams Theater Festival Fellow 2019)


"Harley treats every project as something precious, devoting her fullest attention to everything from the 10 minute play that was written in a flash to the 3 hour magnum opus you have spent the last 4 years working on. She attacks these projects with equal fervor, curiosity, and generosity of spirit. I have worked with Harley as a producer, as an actor, as a writing partner, and as a collaborator, and I can say with full confidence there is no one I would rather have by my side on a new play." -- Dara Pohl Feldman (Artistic Director, Ruthless Nightingale Theatre Company)


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My initial consultations are free- if you'd like to continue working on the ideas I bring to the table, I charge for subsequent services based on an affordable sliding scale.